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Radiation Room Shielding


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Radiation Shielding Rooms for Medical & Industrial Usage

At Matter Fabs, we’re in the business of constructing radiation shielding structures that protect patients, clients, employees, and the general public from overexposure to radiation. Our years of work in this and related industries have shown us that traditional vaults come at a cost and take a long time to complete. Matter Fabs is changing that with our innovative, patent-pending MatterVault™. Call (844) 628-8373 or request your consultation now. We’re a global company ready to assist you.

Radiation Shielding Construction

At Matter Fabs, we recognized the need in our market for an effective and lower cost radiation shield. Our team of engineers developed the MatterVault, a cost-effective, fast to build, eco-friendly option for radiation shielding. Our corrugated round design along with our engineered bracing system makes for a very strong, but lightweight structure. The benefits are numerous:

  • Much faster build time
  • Smaller ecological footprint
  • Same safety features as a traditional radiation room
  • Temporary and permanent designs
  • Turnkey options
  • A product that is expandable to higher energy levels
  • Reduced material costs and freight costs to site
  • Leasing options

Explore the MatterVault

LLRW (low level radiation waste) & HLRW (high level radiation waste) is a general term for a wide range of items that have become contaminated with radioactive material or have become radioactive through exposure to radiation. Hospitals, medical institutions, industrial, aerospace, educational, research, private or government laboratories and nuclear fuel facilities all generate LLRW & HLRW as part of their daily use of radioactive materials. LLRW is typically stored onsite by licensees, either until it has decayed away and can be disposed of as ordinary trash or transported to a larger disposal site.

This LLRW & HLRW accumulates in large quantities and having a safe containment facility on site for these materials becomes a big issue worldwide. Our engineers here at MatterFabs utilize our MatterVault system to solve this problem. The MatterVault can be constructed quickly next to any facility and provides the proper shielding in the walls to contain a large quantity of LLRW & HLRW safely and very cost effectively. The MatterVault is also a great solution for a temporary facility for large scale short term use and can removed and reused in a different location. The MatterVault can safely contain LLRW and HLRW at any location for a short term or long term storage solution for up to 50+ years. Call (844) 628-8373 for more information and to also ask about our Leasing Program.

Our Process

At Matter Fabs, our team also offers a turnkey process to get you up and running as quickly as possible — without cutting any corners. We employ physicists, architects, structural engineers, and many others who are all experts in their respective fields. The fact that we’re all a team eliminates the need for you to have to consult numerous vendors when you have a question. We can do it all.










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Industrial Radiation Shielding Construction

Many industries, such as the food and aerospace industries, make use of radiation to guarantee the safe use or production of their products. Matter Fabs works diligently with all of our clients during the industrial radiation shielding construction process to design a vault that is customized to their needs. We offer both our MatterVault design, as well as traditional vault designs for the utmost convenience.

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Custom Industrial Radiation Shielding Construction
Custom Medical Radiation Shielding Construction

Medical Radiation Shielding

Hospitals and medical centers need radiation shielding during medical radiology procedures for everything from X-rays to radiation treatment for cancer. Veterinarian centers are finding that our MatterVault is an affordable option for them to be able to finally offer diagnostic and treatment services on site. At Matter Fabs, we’ll design exactly what you need, including mobile and reusable medical radiation vaults that are available in permanent and temporary options.

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Additional Services

Many of our clients find that our MatterVault is such an economical choice that they can afford additional industrial equipment and services to better serve their clients. We can supply everything from machine holding manipulators to an in-floor rail system for rail style carts. Let us help you choose the room and accessories that will best serve your clients.

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Additional Radiation Shielding Services

We’ve spent thousands of hours on research and design, and we’ll put our knowledge to work for you. To learn more about us, be sure to see our team of companies, FAQ, and our company pages. Matter Fabs is ready to assist you with all your radiation shielding needs. Call (844) 628-8373 or request your consultation now. We serve clients around the world.