3 Reasons to Build Modular Radiation Shielding

Modular Radiation Shielding
In simplest terms, modular radiation shielding is exactly that, shielding that can be easily constructed and torn down much faster than traditional radiation vaults. 

Modular radiation shielding can be utilized in many different industries and applications such as industrial, NDT, and medical

In this post, our team will cover the most frequent reasons our customers choose to implement modular radiation shielding and provide some real-world examples from work we’ve done in the past. 

Considering using modular radiation shielding for your current need may just save your business valuable time and money.

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The Matter Vault

Before we begin talking about portable radiation shielding, we think it’s important that you know where we’re coming from to establish credibility, without giving you a sales pitch.

Our Matter Fabs engineering team developed and patented our signature MatterVault(™) in order to provide low-cost turnkey portable radiation shielding to a marketplace saturated with high costs and long build times. 

If you want to learn more about the MatterVault(™), you can by following this link.

But, without further ado, here’s what you need to know about modular (portable) radiation shielding.

Radiation Shielding Vault

Modular Radiation Shielding is Fast

A downtime in flow in patient procedure in the medical industry may just mean life or death for patients.

Every hospital and veterinary clinic that offers radiation therapy will at some point run into an issue with one of their machines. Typically oncology machines are maximized and operated around the clock for patiences, meaning that over time, machines go down for repairs, need to be replaced fully, or just upgraded to the newest technology.

If an issue arises with a machine, it’s imperative (both for profits, and lives) that treatment schedules don’t halt. This issue is further compounded by the fact that most nearby facilities don’t have availability, and transport can be difficult for patients. 

This is exactly why modular radiation shielding is so important. While a machine and radiation shielded room is being worked on, or replaced, life-saving work can continue by attaching a temporary therapy treatment room. 

Modular radiation shielding construction requires no downtime for patient treatment while being constructed. Once it’s connected to the treatment area of the facility patients can be routed through with no disruption to the schedule. Once the previous treatment machine and room is repaired, modular radiation shielding vaults can be removed with little to no footprint.

Modular Radiation Shielding Provides Flexibility

What we’ve found out over the years is that industrial NDT companies often don’t own the buildings they operate in, instead opting to lease space to save money and provide flexibility.

Radiation Shielding is required for any radiology used for NDT, and trying to convince the owner of your warehouse to put in a permanent vault may be difficult. Owners are less likely to approve the construction of a permanent vault due to the impact it may have on acquiring future tenants.

In this instance, implementing portable radiation shielding can be a great work-around that doesn’t obstruct your operation and secures the building owner’s approval. Being able to sign an agreement stating you’ll take your vault with you when you leave is hugely beneficial.

A few years ago, our company created several Matter Vaults for an industrial NDT operation that was looking to expand their abilities. The only issue was, they were in a rented space. By showing the facility owner the minimal foundational footprint and flexibility our vaults could supply, they approved construction of more radiation shielding and allowed our client to grow their business.

NDT Radiation Shielding

Modular Radiation Shielding is Impermanent

When we deal with clients in the scientific industry (education and research), finding a temporary radiation shielding solution is their biggest priority due to the nature of projects. These clients who are running scientific tests may need radiation shielding, but will have no use for it once their project is completed.

One client we worked for needed a temporary system in order to run crucial experiments involving radiation. They leased a portable radiation shielding system from us and were able to perform the work they needed with minimal investment and commitment.



Although we only touched on the medical and industrial applications, portable radiation shielding can also be useful for many other applications due quick construction, flexibility and non-permanent nature. 

Some companies require permanent radiation shielding, but for most, opting for a portable option may be the best solution. It’s important that you work with a team of radiation shielding experts to determine the best way to tackle your next project.


Does your business need modular radiation shielding? Not sure where to start? Contact us.