Automated Systems for Radiographic Testing

Automated Radiographic Testing (RT) for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) in Ohio

When using Radiographic Testing (RT) for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), a large portion of time is initially spent setting up and positioning the parts to inspect, setting the RT machine into shooting position, and setting the film into position. This process must be completed for each inspection, maneuvering and repositioning the parts for different inspection positions. Some smaller and more simple parts can be inspected with one setup position; however, many parts require several setup positions in order to evaluate features that are unable to be inspected in one position shot.

Semi- & Fully-Automated Systems for Part Inspections

Manually setting parts, machines, and film can sometimes lead to replication and reproduction issues during radiographic testing. Matter Fabs’ robotics systems can customize a semi-automated or fully-automated inspection system to greatly speed up the inspection process, improve safety, improve replication, improve reproduction, and ultimately increase profits. Our robotics systems are custom-designed to best fit the customers’ needs and can be programmed using customer math data, or in many cases, the teach mode is used to set the part, machine, and film positions.

This is the same with 3D real-time radiographic testing inspection systems as well. When film is used, a robotics system can also position film in the new position needed for the part. Parts can then be automatically shuttled in and out of the vault using fixtures that were built to customer geometric dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T) and mounted to rail carts.

Pick and place systems are also used to position parts. We use our integrated vision systems that recognize the part being inspected and automatically load the mating programs for all the different part, machine, and film set up positions.

Increasing Inspection Efficiency

Matter Fabs can build very simple, radiographic testing automated systems that can automatically set new focal field distance (FFD) positions on the RT machine to a fully-automated process that automatically runs the inspection cell with just the operator monitoring the system progress. The ability to relocate the RT machine in different inspection positions eliminates a large portion of time spent moving the parts into different setup positions. The Matter Fabs systems increase productivity and overall output that offers a fast pay back.

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