Cost-Effective Radiation Therapy for Veterinarians

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Radiation Therapy for Veterinarians

Veterinary clinics traditionally use LINAC machines (linear accelerators) to treat animals with radiation therapy for cancer. These treatments are done one to three times per week on average for several weeks. The ability to offer these services on-site is beneficial for veterinary clinics and their clients. However, many veterinarians cannot afford the cost of LINAC machines and the specialty radiation protection rooms required to use them safely.



Lower-cost refurbished equipment is available for clinics who want to offer radiation therapy services but that does address the ever-increasing expenses associated with building radiation therapy rooms. The cost of sheetrock, leaded glass, and other shielding materials makes building traditional linear accelerator radiation therapy rooms quite expensive. Space constraints can also be a limiting factor depending on a clinic’s size and location.

For many veterinary clinics, these factors make building a traditional LINAC radiation therapy room seem unattainable. However, there is a solution to this problem: radiation protection vaults.

These modular structures are a relatively new option on the market for veterinarians who want to expand their services to include radiation therapy. Radiation therapy vaults are designed and built to the same shielding specifications of standard rooms but use lower-cost materials like sand or concrete to shield radiation.

While it might sound unconventional, these materials can provide high-level shielding when used correctly. The availability of these materials in most areas also saves money on shipping. Radiation protection vaults are also faster to build and can be installed anywhere due to the flexible design. For clinics with limited space or that are unable to make permanent structural changes to their building, this is a huge bonus.

Veterinarians who once felt limited in their clinic offerings can now offer clients life-saving radiation therapy for their beloved pets.


Matter Fabs is committed to helping the medical and veterinary communities find cost-effective radiation therapy solutions for their clinics. Our patent-pending solution, the MatterVault™, can be quickly and easily constructed to any size required. The unique design eliminates the need for expensive shielding materials, allowing veterinarians to build LINAC radiation therapy rooms at a much lower cost.

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