Custom Radiation Shielding Fabrication for Advanced Surgical Center

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Medical Radiation shielding
Medina Vein and Vascular is a leading minimally invasive endovascular surgery centers
across Northeast Ohio that specializes in providing advanced treatment options for patients with vein and vascular disorders. 

In order to deliver the best possible care to their patients, their Medina Ohio center was in need of custom fabricated articulating medical arm.

Keep reading to learn more about why Medina Vein and Vascular chose to work with us, and how we helped them accomplish their goals through custom radiation shielding.

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These arms  would allow the Doctors to become more efficient through the use of a dual articulating arm to hold a monitor, & translucent radiation shield for their patients during procedures. 

After conducting extensive research, Medina Vein and Vascular chose Matter Fabs as their provider. Matter Fabs is an industry leader for custom fabrication and has extensive experience in the design of all things radiation shielding.

Custom Radiation Shielding

Matter Fabs worked closely with the team at Medina Vein and Vascular to understand their specific needs and requirements. They used advanced 3D modeling software to design custom medical arms that would provide the necessary custom radiation shielding while also allowing for maximum flexibility and maneuverability during procedures.

The final product was two custom designed fabricated arms that were specifically designed to meet the needs of our client at a much cheaper price than their previous vendor.

They were made of high-quality materials that were durable and long-lasting, and featured a specialized design that allowed for easy adjustments to the radiation shield and operating room monitor.

The solution Matter Fabs provided has greatly improved the procedures performed at Medina Vein and Vascular. The flexible custom radiation shielding has allowed for more precise and accurate procedures, while the enhanced maneuverability of the operating room monitor has helped to reduce procedure times.


Overall, Medina Vein and Vascular’s decision to work with Matter Fabs has been a great success. The custom fabricated medical arms provided by Matter Fabs have allowed the center to improve the quality of care they provide to their patients, and has greatly contributed to the center’s success in the field of minimally invasive endovascular surgery.

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