FFD Solution For Industrial (RT) NDT

FFD Solution For Industrial (RT) NDT
Industrial nondestructive testing (NDT) uses X-rays or gamma rays to inspect the internal structure of materials, parts, and assembled products. Industries also use NDT for inspecting the integrity of aircraft, automotive, satellites, or other large objects.


For NDT applications, room size is dictated by the type of radiography equipment used and the size of the parts you need to test. Another consideration in nondestructive radiography testing rooms is focal film distance (FFD), the distance between the radiation source and the film. When testing larger objects and structures, FFD becomes even more of a factor in designing your radiation shielding room.


Trying to obtain a longer FFD when shooting down vertically or horizontally is limited by the inspection room’s height, size, and shielding wall thickness. Companies often end up completely altering their current industrial radiation testing room or building a new, larger structure to accommodate longer FFD requirements.

Expanding or building a nondestructive radiography testing room is expensive, especially when using concrete and lead. Keeping a project on budget might result in sacrifices, like building a smaller room to control costs. The smaller the room, the more limited you are in radiation testing and inspection.

Alternatives to Traditional Industrial Radiation Testing Rooms

One solution to this problem is modular industrial radiation testing rooms. Modular structures allow more flexibility in design and construction and are less expensive to build than a permanent concrete and lead room. Semi-permanent structures are also easier to modify or expand as your radiation testing and focal film distance requirements change.

The cost-savings associated with this type of radiation testing room allow you to build thicker shielded walls and higher ceilings, expanding your ability to parts requiring a longer focal film distance. Thicker shielded walls also allow you to install a higher power RT machine in the future without building a new nondestructive radiography testing room.

Matter Fabs builds cost-effective industrial shielding rooms for nondestructive testing. The MatterVault™ walls are modular and can easily be made into any size needed, allowing for future expansions without destroying your budget. We also use sand to fill the walls, which is a highly effective shielding material that costs less than lead and concrete.

Our tooling department also supplies RT machine handling equipment that we can install and position quickly and accurately. Planning and building shielded rooms bigger than needed while staying within your budget prepares your facility for future radiation testing needs.

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