FFD Solution For Industrial (RT) NDT

FFD Solution For Industrial (RT) NDT

When working in industrial non-destructive testing (NDT) using radiation testing (RT), there comes the need to inspect larger parts from a longer focal film distance (FFD) to obtain the part envelope inspection. Trying to obtain a longer FFD, shooting down vertically or horizontally, is limited by the height, size, and shielding thickness of the inspection room. Companies end up either completely altering their current inspection room or building a new, larger inspection room to accommodate the longer FFD needed.

Low-Cost Solution for Inspecting Parts with Longer FFD

At Matter Fabs, we have experienced this issue many times with our customers coming to us for help, so we developed a solution to address this issue using the MatterVault™. Up until now, the options for shielded inspection rooms were either concrete or lead; this came at a very high cost that caused these rooms to be built as small as possible to control costs. The MatterVault™ changes all of this with its unique and cost effective design.

Each of the MatterVault™ walls are modular and can easily be made into any size needed. The MatterVault™ can be easily constructed larger then needed to plan for future expansions without destroying the end users’ budget. Our MatterVaults™ are usually filled with sand, a very effective and inexpensive shielding material. Having much thicker shielded walls and higher ceilings than needed is an inexpensive solution that allows the end user to expand their ability to inspect larger parts with a longer FFD. Having thicker shielded walls also allows for the ability to install a RT machine in the future that outputs a higher power without having to build a new inspection room.

Parts & RT Machine Handling Equipment

The Matter Fabs tooling department can also offer the end user a wide range of parts and RT machine handling equipment that we can install to greatly aid in changing the FFD and positions quickly and accurately. Planning and building shielded rooms bigger then needed now is within budgets and will save tons of money in the future needs.

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