Industrial Radiation Shielding Increases NDT Capacity

Industrial NDT Radiation Shielding
Applus+ delivers innovative, cutting-edge technologies and services in the field of non-destructive testing (NDT), inspection, and certification to the capital-intensive, high-risk aerospace industry.

Applus+ has NDT and inspection support on thousands of projects with an approach to offer a one-stop solution, covering every phase of a project from initial design through to final inspection with help from industrial radiation shielding.

Applus+ hired Matter Fabs to construct industrial radiation shielding vaults through the use of our Matter Vaults to provide additional industrial radiation shielding for their expanded facility. 

Conducting NDT is vital for managing the cost of goods sold, and preventing taking a large loss on defective products. Using radiology for NDT allows companies to scan an item and quickly identify potential defects much quicker than other methods of NDT. In order to ensure safety during testing, radiation shielding must be constructed around the machines being used, meaning in order to grow their operation, Applus+ needed more radiation vaults. 

Given the fact that Applus+ was leasing their current facility for the proposed work needed, the building owners did not want a heavy concrete traditional style vaults in their building. However, our Matter Vault provided a much easier and better solution for future removal if needed and was a very acceptable solution for the building owners resulting in approval by them for four Matter Vaults that are now on that site in full operation. 

Matter Fabs first worked with Applus+ to design an optimal layout for their labs in their facility. By placing the new industrial radiation shielding vaults in the correct spot, Applus+ was able to save money on shielding, and plan for future expansions. Following the design, our team of physicists created a report to ensure the radiation room would be properly constructed.

Our team then completed all of the necessary engineering for the industrial radiation shielding, and installed two of our Matter Vaults and all of Applus’+ accompanying handling (secondary) equipment. Once the build was completed, Matter Fabs conducted the final survey and gathered the signatures necessary before the machines could be up and running. 

By working with Matter Fabs, Applus+ was able to reduce lead time and production costs as a result of our eight-step process. As a turnkey shop, our customers don’t have to outsource each step of their radiation vault’s construction. Once we finished, Applus+ was able to conduct radiology NDT for their industrial customers just hours after we finished.

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