Temporary Radiation Shielding Rooms for Oncology

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Radiation Shielding Room

Upgrading your oncology center with new cancer treatment machines helps you better serve your patients. Unfortunately, this decision often requires you to build a new radiation shielding room to meet new protection requirements.

Design and construction can take anywhere from two months to over a year to complete based on the changes needed. In the meantime, you need to find a way to continue life-saving cancer treatment for patients without sending them elsewhere. Because the last thing you want to do is make treatment less accessible or cause your oncology clinic to lose income during downtime.

However, this is a solution to this common problem: temporary radiation shielding rooms. Much like the modular cleanrooms used in hospital laboratories and testing facilities, these structures allow you to continue treating patients while you wait for construction to finish.



Some patients need to receive radiation therapy every day for up to six weeks. If your hospital provides cancer treatment patients can’t get nearby, it makes treatment much less accessible for those who need it most.

Temporary radiation shielding rooms allow you to continue providing patients on-site treatment during construction. The flexibility of medical radiation shielding vaults makes it easy to build a room in weeks instead of months, then deconstruct the structure once you no longer need it. Hospitals can construct linear accelerator shielding rooms almost anywhere and combine multiple vaults to create controlled areas for the equipment, patient, and staff.

Working with an experienced team is critical in building a temporary linear accelerator shielding room. Only professionals can ensure a sound design that provides the shielding needed for your radiation therapy equipment and application.


Matter Fabs has the perfect medical radiation shielding room solution for keeping hospital cancer treatment on schedule until your facility changes are complete.

Our MatterVault™ is a modular, turnkey radiation shielding room that can be leased or rented and installed next to your oncology center. The patent-pending design uses affordable radiation shielding materials that achieve the level of protection you need at a significantly lower cost. Other modular temporary structures are available to create an operator area, waiting room, reception area, office area, or restrooms as needed.

If you need temporary equipment, we can help with that, too. Our partnered companies can install rented or leased linear accelerator treatment machines that are fully commissioned and ready for use. Once the existing building is complete, and the new machine is up and running, the temporary MatterVault™ will be dissembled and shipped to another location.

Contact our experienced team of professionals at (844) 216-2746 to learn more about building temporary oncology radiation shielding rooms.