Options For NDT Companies That Lease Space

Custom Radiation Shielding Construction

Non-destructive testing (NDT) companies sometimes find themselves restricted when wanting to add a larger KV or MV testing vault to an existing facility because they do not own the building. These larger NDT vaults become a permanent part of the building. When renting or leasing the building, the building owner generally prohibits companies from adding a large permanent structure because it would take up a large area of space that is only useful to the current renters. Additionally, removal of these structures requires a lot of time and money to complete. Often times, NDT companies find themselves forced to purchase a building or build a new space to accommodate their need for conducting large product inspection using KV or MV NDT.

The Innovative MatterVault™ Radiation Shield

The MatterVault™ (patent pending) has proven to be a perfect solution for this problem. For example, one of our large NDT Matter Fabs customer approached us because its NDT facility, which had many small cabinet KV systems for inspecting small products, was in need of some large KV and MV vaults to inspect larger products for its customers. This customer leases its facility building, and the building owner did not want any permanent vaults installed. The MatterVault™ provided the perfect solution because it is classified as a temporary structure due to its modular style construction that can be easily removed and relocated.

The MatterVault™ goes up in just days and can be taken down and removed from the facility even quicker. We use a shielding media that can be easily removed and reused, making our vaults 95% reusable.

With the MatterVault™, our customers can inspect larger products using our vaults that we install onsite. Building owners are also satisfied because our MatterVaults™ are temporary structures that can be easily removed. Alternatively, if the NDT company owns its building then the MatterVault™ can be classified as a permanent structure. Both temporary and permanent MatterVaults™ are produced at a much lower cost and last two times longer than traditional NDT vaults that are on the market today.


The Matter Fabs Difference

Matter Fabs works with clients from around the world to provide simple, safe, and cost effective radiation shielding solutions. We proudly serve a variety of industries including the energy, medical, industrial, defense, chemical, security, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries.

We offer both temporary and permanent radiation shielding options including our own patent pending MatterVault™ radiation room as well as small or large concrete blocks, lead, poured concrete, and sand. Check out our previous projects or contact us at (216) 339-3311 to learn more about our process or to request your consultation!