Radiation Shielding for Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment Radiation Shielding in Ohio

Matter Fabs has the perfect medical radiation shielding room solution for keeping hospital cancer treatment on schedule while a new treatment machine is being installed and until the facility changes are complete. Once the decision is made to upgrade a cancer treatment center with a new treatment machine, it unfortunately comes with a common problem on how to keep treating current and new patients while a new treatment machine and facility changes are completed. These hospital changes can take anywhere from two months to over a year to complete based on the level of facility changes.

This causes a big problem for the long list of patients that are getting treatment or planning to get treatment and for the large loss of hospital income during this downtime. Some patients need to receive radiation therapy every day for up to six weeks, and shutting down the treatment area will force these patients to find other hospitals to get treatments at. In some cases, patients end up driving out-of-state just to find a treatment center that can work them into their schedule.

Temporary Medical Radiation Shielding

Matter Fabs offers a perfect solution to solve this problem that allows patients to continue to receive their local cancer treatments while the hospital installs a new radiation therapy machine and makes the facility changes. The Matter Fabs MatterVault™ is a modular, temporary treatment vault that can be leased or rented and installed next to the existing hospital to treat patients.

The MatterVault™ is a modular, dual-wall system that bolts together and allows a void area to fill with sand for the required shielding. Other modular temporary structures are also added to the MatterVault™ for the operator area, waiting room, reception area, office area, and restrooms as needed.

MatterVault™ Installation Process

Our partnered companies will install a rented or leased linear accelerator treatment machine that will be fully commissioned and ready for use. This will insure uninterrupted treatment for patients and continued income for the hospital during the new treatment machine installation and other facility changes. Once the existing building is complete and the new machine is up and running, the temporary MatterVault™ will be dissembled and then shipped to another location for use. Matter Fabs can also do all the new facility changes and add-ons needed for the new treatment machine in the main facility.

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