Innovative Radiation Shielding Vault

Radiation Shielding Vault

Radiation machines used for industrial application come in a range of different power levels and are sized based on the product being inspected. As time goes on, the product being inspected can change, or a new product may be introduced, making the current machine unable to properly inspect the product to the new specifications; so, there becomes a need to upgrade the radiation inspection machine to a higher power machine.

Our Radiation Shielding Upgrade Solution

Up until now, if an existing radiation shielding vault couldn’t support the shielding requirements needed to operate the new radiation machine, a whole new radiation shielding vault would need to be constructed because there were no other options available. When using our Matter Fabs MatterVault™, we make this a much easier, faster, and cheaper task to complete.

Our Radiation Shielding Process

After one of our physicists decides on the additional shielding required to support the new, higher power machine, our Matter Fabs team constructs an engineered, larger modular wall around the existing MatterVault™. We then add some additional steel to the existing steel structure to support the new extension of the larger ceiling and the added ceiling weight. From there, we add additional shielding to the existing door and relocate it and the frame system out to the additional larger wall. Shielding material is then added between the existing vault outer wall and the new added larger outer wall.

We construct the new outer wall to be taller, allowing for increased depth of the ceiling shielding material. This upgrade allows the Matter Fabs team to add the additional shielding needed to the radiation shielding vault on the outside of the existing vault, without making any changes to the inside of the vault. This shielding upgrade can also be added to non Matter Fabs radiation shielding vaults with some added engineering and structures.

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