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Industrial Radiation Shielding Room Construction

Radiation Rooms Shielding Construction for Industrial Applications

Who Who Are

Matter Fabs is the industrial radiation shielding construction expert that can direct your project from start to finish. We work with clients around the world and do all we can to make the process as simple, safe, and cost effective as possible, including completing industrial radiation shielding construction turnkey projects. Our experienced team can either install MatterVault for you, or ship a DIY kit to anywhere in the world. Request your consultation now or call (844) 628-8373 for more information.

What We Do

A successful industrial radiation shielding project starts with the plan. Our industrial radiation shielding construction contractors use an eight-step process on each project to ensure the highest quality product. Keep in mind that we provide both traditional radiation rooms and our own innovative, patent pending MatterVault™ radiation room.

Industries We Work With

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Produced & Manufactured Parts

We excel at industrial radiation shielding construction for industries that require internal inspection of material and/or parts for defects. This includes but is not limited to engines, armor, castings, welds, high-pressure tanks and pipes.


We can construct industrial radiation shielding vaults for the aerospace industry, including NASA, that inspect turbine parts, welds, castings, and blades, for example.


We work with airports, seaports, and land ports of entry that perform cargo inspections.

Product Sterilization

The medical industry and the food industry both require radiation sterilization services. This includes radiation shielding for mass irradiation of food.

LLRW (low level radiation waste) & HLRW (high level radiation waste) is a general term for a wide range of items that have become contaminated with radioactive material or have become radioactive through exposure to radiation. Hospitals, medical institutions, industrial, aerospace, educational, research, private or government laboratories and nuclear fuel facilities all generate LLRW & HLRW as part of their daily use of radioactive materials. LLRW is typically stored onsite by licensees, either until it has decayed away and can be disposed of as ordinary trash or transported to a larger disposal site.

This LLRW & HLRW accumulates in large quantities and having a safe containment facility on site for these materials becomes a big issue worldwide. Our engineers here at MatterFabs utilize our MatterVault system to solve this problem. The MatterVault can be constructed quickly next to any facility and provides the proper shielding in the walls to contain a large quantity of LLRW & HLRW safely and very cost effectively. The MatterVault is also a great solution for a temporary facility for large scale short term use and can removed and reused in a different location. The MatterVault can safely contain LLRW and HLRW at any location for a short term or long term storage solution for up to 50+ years. Call (844) 628-8373 for more information and to also ask about our Leasing Program.

What Type of Industrial Radiation Shielding Construction Solutions Are Available?

We offer both our own vault design as well as traditional radiation vaults in temporary and permanent radiation shielding options. Let’s consider the pros and cons of each option.

Our team of engineers developed our own product to provide an industrial radiation shielding solution that is eco-friendly, cost effective, quick, and effective alternative to traditional vaults. Our patent pending circular shape provides a strong structure that is mobile and much cheaper to build and move. It is also reusable.

Blocks make it easy to design a room layout and are simple to put together. However, it is time consuming to cast each block off site, very costly to ship to the job site, takes very heavy equipment to handle, and is extremely expensive.

Lead takes much less floor or room space, can be reused, and the material holds its value. When compared to the other options, it takes the least amount of material to block radiation. However, it is very heavy to work with, there are health concerns associated with handling it, and the material costs 10 times more than the other materials.

Poured concrete can be tailored to the exact wall thickness needed, including very thick walls for certain applications. However, the concrete must be formed in place, requires lots of metal re-rod to reinforce the concrete, takes time for curing, and is not reusable.

Poured concrete can be tailored to the exact wall thickness needed, including very thick walls for certain applications. However, the concrete must be formed in place, requires lots of metal re-rod to reinforce the concrete, takes time for curing, and is not reusable.

Why Choose Matter Fabs?

Our industrial radiation shielding room builders are some of the best in the field.

Industrial Radiation Shielding
  • We use our own employees to get the shielding construction job done, and this gives us better control over the project since we don’t use subcontractors.
  • We are experienced in both medical and industrial shielding construction applications.
  • Our streamlined shielding construction process makes for faster overall build time, allowing for quicker commissioning.
  • Our product is expandable to higher energy levels.
  • We are economical, eco-friendly, and reusable.
  • Our lightweight MatterVault means reduced material costs and freight costs to site.

Matter Fabs is ready to assist with any of your industrial radiation shielding construction needs. Remember, our turnkey services make your life easier. Call (844) 628-8373 or request your consultation now for worldwide service.