Nondestructive Testing

Radiation Shielding Vaults for Manufacturing NDT

For manufacturers, nondestructive testing is a critical part of quality assurance. Outsourcing radiographic inspection can be very costly and challenging due to common transit and vendor delays. But what if you could bring radiographic inspection services in-house instead? Your business would gain more control over the NDT processes, plus collecting and analyzing data from tested components would take less time, allowing you to ship your product faster to your customers.

MatterVault radiation shielding vaults provide a solution for manufacturers and other industrial users looking to bring nondestructive testing in-house or expand an existing test facility. These vaults are customizable to fit your radiation testing requirements and build in a fraction of the time of traditional x-ray radiation shielding construction.

  • Offers the same safety features as permanent radiation shielding construction
  • Expandable to accommodate high-level LINAC radiation testing and other powerful X-ray or source equipment
  • Designed to meet your specific focal film distance (FFD) requirements, when applicable
  • Economically priced to make radiation shielding affordable for your business
  • Easily relocatable and suitable for temporary and permanent nondestructive testing room construction

X-ray radiation shielding vaults meet the requirements of any radiographic testing (RT) method, including computed radiography (CR), computed tomography (CT), and real-time and digital radiography (DR). Visit the project gallery to see examples of our radiation vault construction process.

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Easy and Affordable NDT Radiation Shielding Construction

We developed our turnkey radiation vault installation process with you in mind. The same team handles each stage of your NDT vault construction project, from the initial design-build construction to testing and usage. That means better communication and more control over your project schedule.

An affordable approach to radiation shielding construction lets you build the NDT radiation testing space you need while staying within budget. Readily available materials like sand and concrete deliver the high-level radiation shieling required for nondestructive testing but are less expensive to transport and install.

Quality and compliance are also at the forefront of everything we do. Our radiation shielding experts and licensed radiation physicist review each design to ensure compliance with NDT codes and standards, and other applicable shielding requirements. We consider your radiographic testing method and design your vault based on the equipment type and level of x-ray or gamma-ray radiation exposure.

We’re Ready to Help. Contact the Team to Discuss NDT Radiation Vault Options

Matter Fabs provides high-level radiographic testing room construction for customers worldwide. We employ a team of LINAC radiation shielding experts who are committed to delivering the best results possible. Together, we will help you design a nondestructive testing radiation vault that fits your shielding needs and budget.

Call us at (844) 216-2746 or request your consultation now to discuss your NDT radiation shielding requirements.

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