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Mattervault Radiation Shielding

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Radiation shielding is a critical service for those working in industries like the medical and industrial fields. Matter Fabs constructs both traditional and innovative radiation vaults of the highest quality that blocks any radiation exposure to staff, patients, clients, and the public. We are a global company, serving clients around the world. Request your consultation or call (844) 628-8373.

Original Solutions

At Matter Fabs, we offer traditional radiation shielding that has protected people for many years, but we have also invented our own groundbreaking product: the patent pending MatterVault™. The MatterVault addresses some improvements that were sorely needed in the industry. Our team of engineers identified the following problems with traditional vaults:

Traditional vs. Our Solution
  • Traditional rooms were very expensive and time-consuming to build.
  • Typical radiation shielding construction results in permanent structures that have a larger environmental footprint.
  • Some communities can’t afford the financial investment traditional rooms require, leading to a lack of cancer treatment centers in areas where they are desperately needed.
  • The expense of traditional radiation vaults means industries often can’t afford the additional expense of conducting Non-Destructive Testing on site and must outsource it.
  • Leasing options.

MatterVault Features

The MatterVault is a structure with a mix of strong materials engineered for side loads and stiffening structures that anchor the walls, meeting or exceeding the requirements for enclosing different types of shielding media. It’s a customizable design that enables us to use different types of media.
The MatterVault is very cost effective and quick to build when compared to traditional structures.
Our product has many temporary uses. For example, it can be used as a temporary radiation shielding lab while a new medical office is being built.
Our product is 90% reusable and can be easily relocated, essentially making it mobile.
It is so eco-friendly that it also allows for Leed points overseas.
The MatterVault is expandable to higher energy levels.
Its lighter-weight and smaller footprint equates to reduced material costs and freight costs to the building site.
The economical MatterVault makes it possible for industries to do Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of parts during a production process without having to outsource and ship the products elsewhere.

LLRW (low level radiation waste) & HLRW (high level radiation waste) is a general term for a wide range of items that have become contaminated with radioactive material or have become radioactive through exposure to radiation. Hospitals, medical institutions, industrial, aerospace, educational, research, private or government laboratories and nuclear fuel facilities all generate LLRW & HLRW as part of their daily use of radioactive materials. LLRW is typically stored onsite by licensees, either until it has decayed away and can be disposed of as ordinary trash or transported to a larger disposal site.

This LLRW & HLRW accumulates in large quantities and having a safe containment facility on site for these materials becomes a big issue worldwide. Our engineers here at MatterFabs utilize our MatterVault system to solve this problem. The MatterVault can be constructed quickly next to any facility and provides the proper shielding in the walls to contain a large quantity of LLRW & HLRW safely and very cost effectively. The MatterVault is also a great solution for a temporary facility for large scale short term use and can removed and reused in a different location. The MatterVault can safely contain LLRW and HLRW at any location for a short term or long term storage solution for up to 50+ years. Call (844) 628-8373 for more information and to also ask about our Leasing Program.

MatterVault Applications & Industries

Radiation therapy for treatment on humans and animals.
Produced or manufactured parts that require internal inspection of the material for defects (engines, armor, castings, welds, high-pressure tanks and pipes).
High-priority parts in aerospace including NASA (turbine parts, welds, castings, blades).
Airports, seaports, and land ports of entry (mainly for cargo container inspections).
Product sterilization (hospital and foods).

Start-to-Finish Projects

Take control of the entire project from start to finish.
Better control of the overall timing of the project. You will not have to deal with various vendors.
Removes any finger pointing between different vendors when issues arise.
Less paperwork and money-following for the customer.
In most cases, it also saves the customer money.
If needs come up after the project is finished, the customer only has to call one vendor.
See our process, FAQs, and additional services pages for more info.

Whether you need a traditional radiation shielding room or the innovative circular MatterVault, Matter Fabs stands ready to assist you in your construction process. We’re the radiation shielding contractors that can do it all from start to finish, anywhere in the world. Learn more about our company and team of companies. Call (844) 628-8373 or request your consultation now.