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Medical Radiation Room Shielding


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Medical Radiation Shielding Room Construction

Radiation Rooms for the Medical Industry

When a hospital or medical center needs to replace their treatment machine, but they also need to continue ongoing treatments, our temporary MatterVault™ is the best solution. Our vault can quickly be placed on location, allowing for treatments to continue using a rented or leased machine. Our professional team can either install MatterVault for you, or ship a DIY kit to anywhere in the world.

Who We Help

In the medical industry, hospitals and doctor offices use radiation procedures to diagnose, monitor, and treat a wide assortment of metabolic processes and medical conditions. Matter Fabs specializes in designing and building shielding rooms that protect the staff, patients, and the public from exposure to radiation. While we do build traditional vaults, we have revolutionized the industry with our own invention of a reusable, portable, economical product called the MatterVault.

What We Offer

The MatterVault is so affordable that many veterinarian offices are now able to offer their own radiation services and no longer have to send their patients out of the city or state to be treated.

Why We Do It

Over the years, diagnostic X-rays, or radiation therapy, has been administered to about 7 out of every 10 Americans. As a result, medical radiation has saved thousands of lives through the detection and treatment of conditions ranging from hyperthyroidism to brain tumors. At Matter Fabs, we design and build the shielding rooms that make medical radiation therapy safer for those receiving it and those administering it. Call (844) 628-8373 or request your consultation now. We work with clients around the world.

Our Medical Radiation Shielding Solutions

Our medical radiation room builders can construct both temporary and permanent options. For example, when a radiation machine breaks down, it is a complicated process to fix it. During this lengthy process, we can quickly build a temporary vault to house a rental machine so that treatment can continue while the permanent machine/structure is being repaired. We go through a meticulous process to be sure that every vault is built according to plan and works as designed. Be sure to check out more about our company, team of companies, and our FAQ pages.

We offer the following five options for constructing a radiation vault for either medical or industrial usage

Our team of engineers designed our own product to provide an eco-friendly, cost effective, quick, and effective alternative to traditional vaults. His patent pending circular shape provides a strong structure that is mobile and much cheaper to build and move. It is also reusable. Our team can install it for you, or we can ship you a DIY kit anywhere in the world!

Blocks make it easy to design a room layout and are simple to put together. However, it is time consuming to cast each block off site, very costly to ship to the job site, takes very heavy equipment to handle, and is extremely expensive.

Lead takes much less floor or room space, can be reused, and the material holds its value. When compared to the other options, it also takes the least amount of material to block radiation. However, it is very heavy to work with, there are health concerns associated with handling it, and the material costs 10 times more than the other materials.

Poured concrete can be tailored to the exact wall thickness needed, including very thick walls for certain applications. However, it must be formed in place, requires lots of metal re-rod to reinforce the concrete, takes time to cure, and is not reusable.

Sand is the cheapest shielding material and is easy to find locally. It’s also 100% reusable, eco-friendly, uncomplicated to work with, can be made to any size thickness, and is safe to work with. On the negative side, it takes a bit more floor space, and any moisture needs to be removed prior to usage.

LLRW (low level radiation waste) & HLRW (high level radiation waste) is a general term for a wide range of items that have become contaminated with radioactive material or have become radioactive through exposure to radiation. Hospitals, medical institutions, industrial, aerospace, educational, research, private or government laboratories and nuclear fuel facilities all generate LLRW & HLRW as part of their daily use of radioactive materials. LLRW is typically stored onsite by licensees, either until it has decayed away and can be disposed of as ordinary trash or transported to a larger disposal site.

This LLRW & HLRW accumulates in large quantities and having a safe containment facility on site for these materials becomes a big issue worldwide. Our engineers here at MatterFabs utilize our MatterVault system to solve this problem. The MatterVault can be constructed quickly next to any facility and provides the proper shielding in the walls to contain a large quantity of LLRW & HLRW safely and very cost effectively. The MatterVault is also a great solution for a temporary facility for large scale short term use and can removed and reused in a different location. The MatterVault can safely contain LLRW and HLRW at any location for a short term or long term storage solution for up to 50+ years. Call (844) 628-8373 for more information and to also ask about our Leasing Program.

Why Are Lower Cost Medical Shielded Rooms Important?

Many hospitals and treatment clinics around the world simply can’t afford to offer radiation treatments due to the high cost of traditional radiation vault construction. How many more lives could be saved if there were more radiation centers? The MatterVault changes that equation and makes it affordable.

Keep in mind that MatterVault can also be used as a temporary option that is 95% reusable and can even be relocated or stored for later use. Our customers find that they can now afford more upgrades and options due to our lower cost. Check out our additional services to see what we offer.

Our Rooms Accommodate All Types of Medical Uses

As medical radiation shielding room contractors, we design shielding rooms for all types of uses:


A procedure in which the specific target is localized within the patient, who is placed in a precise and reproducible position, for use in radiation therapies.

External Radiation Therapy

The use of high-energy penetrating wave or particle beams used to damage or destroy cancerous cells.

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

This is an advanced external beam radiation therapy that utilizes computer images to match radiation to the size and shape of a tumor. Multiple smaller beams of radiation are directed from different angles and of varying intensities to the intended target.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery

The process by which lower-intensity radiation beams are projected to the tumor or target area from multiple points of origin. This allows relatively high radiation doses to the target area while exposing the surrounding tissues to significantly lower levels of radiation energy.

When shielding rooms for medical radiation therapy are needed in your hospital, medical center, or community, call Matter Fabs at (844) 628-8373 or request your consultation now. We’re here to support you no matter where you’re located in the world.