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Constructing a Radiation Shielding Room

When it comes to building our MatterVault™ or other radiation vaults, Matter Fabs utilizes a detailed process that fulfils the client’s specifications from start to finish. Whether you’re in the medical, industrial, or other field, your finished radiation vault will protect patients, employees, clients, and the public from excess radiation while allowing the technicians to carry out their duties with the utmost precision. Our team can either install MatterVault for you, or ship a DIY kit to anywhere in the world. Call (844) 628-8373 or request your consultation now.

Who We Are

At Matter Fabs, we work through four main phases of our building process with clients.

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Usage
Our Solution

Whether you decide on our own patent pending MatterVault design or choose to build a traditional vault, our radiation shielding contractors will assist you in the entire process. We have an expert team of highly skilled physicists, architects, structural engineers, and others who have spent thousands of hours on research and design. We’ll listen to what you need and then design the radiation vault that works the way you need it to for the protection of all involved.


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The Process

At Matter Fabs, our team also offers a turnkey process to get you up and running as quickly as possible — without cutting any corners. We employ physicists, architects, structural engineers, and many others who are all experts in their respective fields. The fact that we’re all a team eliminates the need for you to have to consult numerous vendors when you have a question. We can do it all.


In our first meeting, we review the layout of the entire project, review questions, and receive building drawings if applicable.


Our physicist determines the amount of vault shielding that is needed.


We’ll use that critical information to determine many other specifications and then draw up a quote with cost, timing, and concept design.


Upon customer approval and receipt of a purchase order with a deposit, we create and submit architectural designs for approval.


We then submit information to the local building department and apply for permits.


From there, the project shifts into high gear with the purchase of materials and actual construction and installation.


Upon completion of the radiation shielding room, once the customer has installed the radiation machine, our physicist will start the machine on site and check leakage readings around the vault. If readings are within the approved range, then an approval is made by the state inspector.


The vault and machine are commissioned and ready for use.

Why Work With Us

Our innovative MatterVault design, which is very cost effective compared to the traditional vault build.
Our products are better for the environment.
Our product has temporary uses and can even be stored for later use if not currently needed.
Our product is 95% reusable and can be easily relocated at much less of an expense than a traditional vault.
Our product is expandable to higher energy levels.
The MatterVault weighs much less than a traditional vault, requiring only a few workers to move it.
Its economical price tag makes it possible for more communities to add much needed radiation treatment centers and allows veterinarians to purchase equipment for use in their practices.
For more information, be sure to check out our company, team of companies, and FAQ pages.

Matter Fabs believes in our ability to improve communities by offering radiation shielding rooms for important industries. Find out how we can help today by calling (844) 628-8373 or request your consultation now.