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Licensed engineer Craig Vernick established Vernick to provide clients in all industries with superior service and custom cleanrooms. They’re accustomed to working with clients that often need to meet specific, rigorous requirements.

Vernick prides itself on being a one-stop source for the design and implementation of cleanrooms. Using the best soft and hardwall materials available, Vernick constructs cleanrooms and controlled environments that not only perform as expected but can also be modified quickly as needs or standards change. They also carry all the accessories and equipment needed for daily operations.

Since 1983, AIR has specialized in commercial building projects in Ohio. From hospitals and offices to retail and industrial, they’ve brought dreams to life one commercial building project at a time. Owner Trip Textoris bought the company from his father. Their certified professional employees have beautified the cityscape with commercial buildings throughout the Cleveland, Ohio, area. Trip learned the business from the ground up and has been working with his dad since his teens. Today, AIR continues to lead the commercial building field with their construction services:

  • Drywall
  • Metal stud framing
  • Ceilings
  • Millwork and finish carpentry
  • Door installation and door framing
  • Air and Water barrier installation
  • And much more!

Custom Solutions

Matter Fabs is the global radiation shielding contractor ready to build a radiation vault for your business. Looking for solutions to prevent radiation overexposure in your industry? We work within several fields, including medical and industrial. We build traditional vaults as well as our own innovative MatterVault™, an eco-friendly, economical option for radiation shielding. Call (844) 628-8373 for more information or request your consultation now.

At Matter Fabs, we’ve assembled a team of vested employees, each one an expert. Our physicists, architects, structural engineers, and others have collectively devoted thousands of hours to research and design. The members of our staff are also owners/operators of two other companies that we work closely with: Vernick & Associates and Architectural Interior Restorations.

From vault and cleanroom construction to commercial building projects, Matter Fabs and our team of companies can provide you with a multitude of commercial services. Call (844) 628-8373 for more information.