Traditional Radiation Vaults

Radiation rooms have been built the same for decades, using expensive materials that take longer to install. As a result, projects are often delayed.

Customized & Turnkey Radiation Shielding Solutions

The MatterVault™ is a traditional radiation vault you can customize to meet your shielding needs. We use affordable, readily available materials that block radiation without adding significant costs to your project.

Our engineered rooms can utilize common, lower-cost materials like sand to effectively used to shield radiation. Construction takes significantly less time than standard radiation rooms due to material availability and our modular vault design. As a turnkey radiation shielding company, we handle the entire project, from the initial consultation to installation. Complete your project in weeks instead of months—and with fewer headaches. NDT Vault Construction

Explore Our Radiation Shielding Room Options

Matter Fabs designs and builds traditional radiation vaults for clients worldwide. Our thorough, eight-step process provides the support you need through each stage of the project. We also have a physicist on staff to ensure each design meets your radiation shielding requirements. Check out these recent projects to see examples of our work!

Medical Radiation Shielding Rooms

The ability to provide radiography and radiation therapy is critical for any hospital or clinic. Our medical radiation vaults cost less and can be customized to meet low- and high-level radiation shielding requirements. The MatterVault radiation vault works well as a permanent solution or can serve as a temporary radiation shielding room during clinic construction.

Industrial & NDT Radiation Shielding Rooms

A sturdy design and high-level shielding capabilities make our traditional radiation vault ideal for NDT facilities. We can construct and provide radiation-shielded rooms for any level of radiation inside an existing structure or outside your facility. Or have us built multiple vaults to accommodate testing equipment with different shielding requirements.

Radiation Shielding for Veterinarians

Our radiation shielding vault is an affordable option for veterinarians who want to offer radiation therapy services. With a modular, flexible design, our radiation vault is customizable to meet your clinic’s needs. With this innovative solution, practices of all sizes and in any location can offer cancer treatment services to pet owners.

The team at Matter Fabs is dedicated to providing effective and turnkey radiation vaults at an affordable cost. Call us at (844) 216-2746 or request your consultation now to discuss your radiation shielding requirements.

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